Set Up a Form Scoring Committee

Form scoring allows a group of users to view submissions, make comments, and assign scores. These users must be members of your portal. To establish a scoring group, begin by editing a form. Once in the form builder, choose the Settings tab then select the Scoring sub-tab.


Here, you are provided a dropdown populated by the existing groups in your portal. These are the groups defined in the People tool. Select the group you would like to act as your scoring committee and save the changes. If you have not yet created this group, click here for instructions on how to do so. After you've created the group, go back into the form, select the new group from the scoring dropdown, and save your changes.

Now, all the members of your scoring group can view and score submissions. If you would like to add new people to the group, click here for more information on how to do so.

As a member of a scoring group, you can view submissions by clicking on the form from the Forms list. This will display a simplified version of the form dashboard. This dashboard does not contain any of the administrative tools available to form admins. It only contains tools that allow you to navigate and view form submissions.


Click on a submission to view its contents. As a scorer, you are provided the added ability to input a score and leave comments. Your input is not final and can be edited at a later date if necessary. Click 'Submit' to save your input.


As a form admin, there is little functional difference after a scoring group is added to a form. You have the same form dashboard and tools as you did before. The real change comes when viewing a submission. You are presented all scoring entries and if you are also a member of the scoring group, you are provided the ability to score. The last difference comes when exporting form submissions. The spreadsheet includes an additional column that displays the average score for each submission.


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