Set Up Form Reviewers

There are two types of reviewers, those entered by the user and those established by form administrators. See below for a description of each and how to add them into a form.

Form Element Reviewers

To prompt the user to enter a reviewer, edit an existing form. Next, select Add Question at the bottom of a page to initiate the element builder. Scroll down the left-hand toolbar and select the Reviewer option. Enter a title (i.e. "Enter Advisor Email") and check the question settings.2014-07-22_1221.pngIf you would like the reviewer to fill out a supplemental form, select a form from the dropdown provided. This dropdown is populated by all of the forms that exist within the Forms tool. Note: attaching a form to the reviewer element will require the user to log-in before they can fill it out.

Administrative Reviewers

To establish users that will be prompted to review every incoming submission, select the Reviewers tab when editing a form. All existing reviewers are listed on this page. Click Add Reviewer to include someone on the list. This will initiate a pop-up, on which previously used reviewers will appear. Choose a user from the list or add a new reviewer. The only required information is their name and email address. They are not required to have an OrgSync account.2014-07-22_1223.pngAfter a user has been added to the list, two settings will appear: ordered reviewers and send upon submission. Ordered reviewers allow you to set up a tiered approval process. The second reviewer will only receive a notification after the first reviewer has made a decision, and so on. The approval process will begin with the user at the top of the list.

If you enable ordered reviewers, another option will appear: halt process on denial. When enabled, the approval process will stop if any reviewer denies the submission. This prevents later reviewers from receiving unnecessary notifications.

The last option is send upon submission. When enabled, reviewer notifications are sent as soon as the form is submitted. It completely automates the approval process for administrators. If this is not enabled, administrators will have to go into each submission and start the reviewer process manually.


Save the form when you're satisfied with your changes. Click here for more information about viewing reviewer decisions on incoming submissions.

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