Add Form Logic

OrgSync utilizes page logic, which allows form creators to present users a page of questions based on their response to preceding questions. This enables form consolidation and a more efficient forms process. To implement logic, start by editing an existing form or create a new one. In the builder, you’ll notice there isn't a logic button on the first page of the form. It only exists on subsequent pages because the logic parameters you set are based on the responses to questions in previous pages of the form. If the user does not meet these parameters, they will not see the page. To begin, select the Logic button along a page’s header.

2014-07-22_1230.pngBuild your logic in the pop-up displayed here. The first step is to decide which question you want to base logic on. The selection dropdown provided is populated by all of the questions on preceding pages of the form. If the dropdown is empty, no questions exist before that page. After selecting a question, you will be prompted to enter a comparison operator. Your selection here determines the type of response you're looking for. 

2014-07-22_1234.pngThe number of comparison operators available to you will change depending on the type of question you ask. For example, you cannot apply “greater than” or “less than” parameters to multi-line text entries. A list of the possible comparison operators can be observed below.

  • is present (has an answer)
  • is blank (has no answer)
  • is greater than
  • is greater than or equal to
  • is less than
  • is less than or equal to
  • is equal to
  • is not equal to
  • is within range
  • is outside of range
  • has one of the values
  • does not have one of the values

After you choose a comparison operator, you will be prompted to enter a specific criterion to complete the piece of logic. For comparison operators like “is present” or “is blank,” this is not required because the system only checks if an answer exists. In this case, the Accept button will appear.

2014-07-22_1237.pngIf you’re basing the logic on a specific answer, a field is necessary to identify what the form should look for. If it’s based on a multiple choice question, your answer choices will populate the dropdown provided. If it’s based on a written response, you will be provided a text box. Click Accept to complete the piece of logic.

2014-07-22_1309.pngTo add the logic to your form, click Done in the bottom right of the pop-up. You can also implement additional pieces of logic to further customize what’s required to view a specific page. When combining two pieces of logic with an "AND" statement, the page will appear if both conditions are met. When combining two pieces of logic with an 'OR statement, the page will appear if either condition is met. Click here for more information on "and & or" statements.

2014-07-22_1309.pngAfter you’ve finalized the logic, the assigned parameters will appear in a box above the corresponding page. At any time, you can re-click the Logic button and make changes to the logic you've established. To finalize your work, click Save in the top right of the page.


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