Enable Anonymous Form Submissions

To enable or disable anonymous submissions, click to edit your form and select the Settings tab. This defaults to your general form settings. If the form is set to public you will see a section at the bottom of this page titled Make Anonymous. If you do not have your form set to public you cannot use this feature.2014-07-22_1204.pngOn its own, setting the form to public allows for anonymous submissions. Users do not have to login to fill out the form and they don't have to enter their name. By default, OrgSync will prompt the user to enter their name but it is not a required field. If they do not enter their name the submission will be marked as "anonymous" on your submission list.

If you want to create greater anonymity, scroll down to the section Make Anonymous. Here you can opt to disable the OrgSync prompt that asks for the user's name. This means if they are not logged in the submission will be received as "anonymous." The only scenario where you would still see the user's name is if they are logged into OrgSync when they submit the form.2014-07-22_1209.pngIf you want to prevent anonymous submissions, make sure your form is not set to public. This will require users to log in before filling out the form, which automatically pulls their user profile information.

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