The Difference Between AND & OR Statements in Form Logic

OrgSync's form logic allows you to set requirements that must be met to view a page. These requirements can be connected with 'AND' & 'OR' statements. This is a critical part of adding logic into forms. See below for a full explanation of these statement connectors. 2014-07-22_1144.png'AND' & 'OR' statements behave very differently. When combining two pieces of logic, 'AND' signifies that both conditions are required for the page to show while 'OR' signifies that only one condition must be met. These statements can also be used in conjunction.

Example: There’s a club on campus that requires every member to re-register their membership each school year. On this application, they’d like to include the ability to apply for an officer position, but not everyone is eligible. In order to apply, the student must be a senior or have served at least 50 volunteer hours with a GPA of 3.0.

To implement this logic, the club must first create a form page for officer applications. Next, set up the logic as such: the student is a senior OR the student has at least 50 volunteer hours AND the student has a GPA higher than 3.0. This means that the applicant will see the officer application only if they are a senior or have at least 50 volunteer hours with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

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