Compare Responses to Form Questions

OrgSync supports crosstab on forms, which allows form administrators to identify the relationship between two multiple-choice questions. Additionally, umbrella and community administrators can compare answer choices to user profile responses. This feature directly pivots the responses of one question against another. To begin, select an existing form to get to the Form Dashboard. Next, select the Results tab.


This page displays graphs for each of the multiple choice questions included in your form. To cross tabulate two questions, click the Compare button below one of your questions. Next, choose the question you'd like to compare it to. As a form administrator, you can compare all of the questions in the form that are multiple choice. As an umbrella or community administrator, you can also compare form questions to user profile responses.

Choosing a question from the dropdown will automatically generate a crosstab of the two questions. An example can be seen below.


On the bottom left of this this table you are provided a legend that identifies the question that each axis represents. This table breaks down how respondents of one question answered a second question.

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