Insert Pictures or Video into a Form

Insert photos and videos into a form with the tools provided in the text editor. This editor only appears on the form description and when adding content in the form builder. You cannot add media directly to form questions. To begin, click to edit an existing form or create a new one. The ability to customize the description will appear at the top of this page. To add media to the body of a form, click Add Text Block to initiate the editor.


To add a photo, select the image icon on the editor's toolbar. Because the text editor does not allow for direct uploads, you will need to upload the photo elsewhere before using it on your form. We suggest utilizing the Photos tool to do so. After uploading the photo to this tool, copy its direct URL. This can be found if you select the photo and click View Full Size Photo in the top right of the page. Use the URL provided in your address bar and paste it into the image pop-up on your form.

2014-07-22_1226.pngTo add a video, select the Source option in the top right of the text editor's toolbar. Like photos, you are unable to upload a video directly to the text editor. Rather, you need to upload the video elsewhere (i.e. YouTube) and paste its embed code in this space. You can often find the embed code by viewing the video's share options.


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