Move an Existing Website onto OrgSync

The website builder makes it easy to generate a professional looking website with little to no code experience. If you are trying to move an external website onto OrgSync, it’s important to understand how the website builder generates webpages. Continue reading for an explanation of the format and instructions on how to move your website onto OrgSync.

How the Website Builder Works

The website builder divides a typical HTML document into four separate sections in order to make it more easily digestible for less experienced designers. The four sections are explained in detail below.

Section Description
Meta/Head This is the head of a typical HTML document. Use this section to input a website title, description, and other meta content.
Header This section contains the main navigation bar that will display on every webpage.
Pages This is the custom content on each page of your website.
Footer This is the footer of your website. It may also include secondary navigation bars. 


To construct each webpage, the website builder combines these four sections into one. It pieces them together in the order listed above. Each webpage uses the same code found in the meta/head, header, and footer sections. The difference in each webpage is the body, which is created under the Pages tab.

The last component of your website is the stylesheet. This CSS file can be found under the Files/CSS tab.

Moving Webpages Onto OrgSync

Now that you understand how webpages are pieced together, use the list below to reference where in the website builder you should copy and paste your existing website’s code.


Begin your HTML document and end with your closing </head> tag.1.pngHeader

Start with your opening <body> tag and end with an opening <div> for the content of your webpages.2.pngPages

This is the custom code of each webpage. You are provided an editor to customize this content but you can access the HTML through the Source button. Make sure to choose this option before you input any HTML.3.pngFooter

Start with your closing </div> tag to indicate the end of your custom content. This section should also close out any open tags that exist in previous sections.4.png

The process of transferring your stylesheet to OrgSync is more straightforward. Simply copy the contents of your stylesheet, visit the Files/CSS tab, click to edit the existing stylesheet, and replace the existing CSS with your own. Another method is to upload your stylesheet under this tab and then create a new reference in the meta/head section. 

Moving Files & Documents Onto OrgSync

At this time, OrgSync does not support an FTP server to upload and manage your website’s content. If you have images and files that you need to move to OrgSync, you must do so manually. Use the Images tab to upload images and use the Files/CSS tab to upload other file types.  

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