Add a Link to Your Website's Navigation Bar

As you may have noticed, the pages you create within the website builder are not automatically added to your website's navigation bar. This must be done manually by diving into the code of your website's header. To begin, select the Template Elements tab within the website builder, hover over the gears icon next to the header section and choose the Edit option. 

The resulting page displays the HTML used to create your website's header. See the screenshot below. The red box outlines the section of the code used to create each link along your website's navigation. To create a new link, start by duplicating one of these lines of code. Next, change the pieces underlined in yellow and green to match your newly created webpage. The yellow indicates the page name (found under the Pages tab) while the green indicates the text that will appear on the link. 

To remove an existing link from your website's navigation, simply remove its corresponding line of code. Note: this will only remove the page from your navigation bar and it will not the delete the webpage itself. 

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