Change a Website's Favicon

A favicon is the small website icon that exists on a browser’s tab, as well as your bookmarks list. The standard size is 16 x 16 pixels, although any square image will scale to fit. It is a small piece of customization that goes a long way.

The first step in updating your website's favicon is to jump into the website builder then select the Images tab. Next, click Choose File and select the file from your computer. Any standard image type will work – it should not be a .ico file. Next, enter a file name and click Add Image. If your upload is successful, the file will populate the list of images. Copy its quick URL (underlined in red below).

2014-07-15_1723.pngNext, select the Template Elements tab then hover over the wrench icon next to the Meta/Head section and select Edit.This will populate the existing code for your website's Meta/Head section. Do not let this code overwhelm you. The only portion you need to pay attention to is shown in the screenshot below. This line establishes your website's favicon. If you do not see this line of code, enter it between the two <head> tags that make up your meta/head section. 2014-07-15_1728.pngIf your quick URL is not the same as the one shown in the screenshot above, paste your version between the two quotation marks after the href. After doing so, click to save at the bottom of the page then click to view your website. If you do not see your favicon, it's possible you need to hard refresh the page. If you continue to have issues, please contact our support team for help in diagnosing the problem. 

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