Text Editor Tools Walkthrough

The CK editor allows you to format content in a “what you see is what you get” fashion. Easily drag and drop images and files directly onto the editor. No coding background is necessary when using the editor, though the HTML is editable via the Source button.

The editor will look different depending on the OrgSync tool that you're using because some features of the editor are not available in certain tools. This article provides a glossary of all the editor’s capabilities.


Red box:

  • Bold: bolds selected text.
  • Italic: italicizes selected text.
  • Underline: places an underline under selected text.
  • Text Color: adds color to selected text.
  • Insert/Remove numbered list: creates a numbered list.
  • Insert/Remove bulleted list: creates a bulleted list.
  • Block quote: indents a quotation.

Green box:

  • Left justify: align text to left margin.
  • Center justify: align text to the center of the page.
  • Right justify: align text to right margin.
  • Block justify: spaces text to align at both the left and right margins.
  • Link: create a hyperlink.
  • Unlink: remove a hyperlink.
  • Anchor: creates a quick link to other portions of your page.
  • Source: allows you to format your content with HTML code.

Blue box:

  • Image: places a hosted image.
  • Table: inserts a table.
  • Insert Horizontal line: inserts a horizontal line between your text.

Orange box:

  • Format: provides preset formatting options.
  • Font name: changes text font.
  • Size: changes text size.
  • Maximize: maximizes editor to the size of your browser window.
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