Establish a Custom URL for Your Community's Login Page

The following article walks through the process of setting up a custom link for your campus's OrgSync login page. This process requires assistance from your campus’s web admin.

1. Locate your community’s permalink. This is the custom portion of your campus's login page that identifies your community. Locate this permalink by going to the login page then select your campus from the list. You may have to log out to see the community selector. After you select your campus, the permalink is the last portion of the URL. 

  • Example: State University's login page URL is The permalink is state-university.

2. Make a request with your campus web admin to set up a subdomain redirect pointing towards your community’s dedicated OrgSync log in page. The subdomain could look something like this: If your campus has rebranded OrgSync, feel free to customize the "orgsync" portion of the URL to match your branding. After establishing the subdomain, it should redirect to one of the following locations.

  • Communities with single sign-on: + [permalink]
  • Communities without single sign-on: + [permalink]

After completing this 2-step process, you can direct all students to access OrgSync through the new login link. This makes the login process easier because the link is easier to remember and users do not have to sift through the list of schools to locate your campus login page.

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