Promote Content to the Community Home

As a community administrator, you have the ability to take content and post it to the Community Home. This makes the content more visible and promotes traffic because Promotions appear in a prime location on your community's landing page. 

Content created in the following tools are eligible for promotion: forms, news posts, events, and polls. If you'd like to promote one of these items, navigate to specific piece of content and look for the Share This! widget. Promote should be the first option on the list.

Note: If you do not see the Promote option on a form, news post, event, or poll, you do not have the Promotions permission. If this describes you, contact a community administrator and they can put in a request for you to be added. They do not have to add you as a full community administrator. Rather, you can be added to the community level with only Promotions access.

Select the Promote option and you'll see the promotion pop-up. You have the ability to customize the following items.

Setting Description
Headline Add a short headline that describes the promotion.
Description Add a very brief description to provide more information.
Timeframe Set the timeframe for when the promotion will appear on the Community Home.
Photo upload Upload an image that will appear with the promotion. It must be 640 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall in jpg, gif, or png format.
Who can see this? Determine who should see the promotion: everyone or members of specific umbrellas.


All promotions can be managed by going to the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, select the community option, then choose Promotions. For each promotion, you're provided the name, visibility setting, start and end date, and the last user to make edits. If you're interested in changing a promotion or removing it all together, hover over the wrench icon to reveal those options.

You can also view past promotions through the Past tab on the left side of the page.

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