Umbrella & Community Organization Lists

The easiest way to view a list of organizations, hidden or not, is through the organization list available at the umbrella and community level. The difference between the two is that the umbrella only includes organizations registered under it while the community level includes all organizations, even the umbrella portals. If your community only has one umbrella, these lists will largely include the same set of portals. The only difference is the community level list would include one more portal - the umbrella portal. You can get to these lists if you select the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, choose your umbrella or the community, then select the Organizations option. 

The easiest way to find an organization is to search for them. You can also use the filter to sort by category, name, or renewal date. Click the arrows to the left of an org's profile picture to view a dropdown that includes various tools and more information about the org. Continue reading for an explanation of the tabs available in this dropdown.

Section Description
Profile This section displays the org's basic profile information and provides access to edit their current profile with the View/Edit Full Profile option. You can also delete the portal within this section.
Notes Leave notes about the organization that are only visible to umbrella and community administrators. These are not visible to the organization. 
Message Send a direct message to groups in the portal.
Export Export the organization's timesheets, checkbooks, event hours, member list.
Add Users Force add users to the portal. Enter their email address, select a group, and submit. If the email you entered matches an OrgSync account, you will be notified that the specific user was added to the portal. If there is no match, you will be notified that the user has been invited. You can force add several users at once by entering one per line or separate them with commas. The more email addresses you add, the longer the process will take. We do not recommend force adding more than 200 users at a time.
Password Set, change, or disable the password that allows users to join the portal.
Disable Disable access to the portal. If a member of the organization tries to access the portal, they will be blocked with the message you leave when you disable the portal. Administrators of the portal will see any additional option to send the umbrella administrators a message regarding their disabled portal.

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