Organization Registration Setup

Umbrellas have the ability to set up a unique organization registration process. This means that organizations registering under your umbrella will have to answer the questions you add to the registration form under the settings you define. To begin, select the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, select your umbrella, choose Organizations, and select the Registration Options option from the left-hand menu.

Note: there are a number of best practices associated with the organization registration process. It's important to get in touch with your Campus Consultant before designing your registration form or deciding on settings.

Organization Registration Form

The registration settings are divided into multiple sections, which are described in detail later in this article. First, take a look at the Customize Registration Form option in the bottom left of this page. This option takes you into the form builder used to construct your umbrella's organization registration form. This form builder is no different from the one found in the Forms tool. Click here to read more about the form builder.

Just like the Forms tool, the organization registration form supports the use of logic. Logic allows you to present a set of questions based on a user's response to preceding questions in the form. This is especially useful in organization registration because you can ask different questions for various types of organizations. As an example, let's say you have a page or two in your registration form that asks for officer information. Your umbrella may contain several departmental portals and these questions do not apply to them. In this case, you can add a question at the beginning of the registration form to ask the user for their type of organization. If they answer departmental, you can opt to skip all officer-related pages. This makes the registration process easier for these portals and it results in better data because users are only completing relevant questions. Click here for more information about adding logic to a form.

Note: making changes to the registration form does not prompt organizations to update their profile. You must change the date under the Approvals tab to notify portal administrators that they need to submit an update. This process is explained in greater detail in the next section.

Organization Registration Settings

Registration options are divided into different sections. See the table below for a description of each.

Section Purpose
First Time Registrations Determine if you want to allow users to register new organizations. If you disable this feature, users will not see the option to register a new organization when they visit Browse Organizations on the Community Home.
Approvals Determine how and when you want organizations to renew their portals. If you opt to require renewals, you will be prompted to set a starting date. When this date occurs, all organizations will be considered "expired" and administrators will be prompted to update their profile. You are also provided the option to require approval when an organization updates their profile. Most campuses keep this enabled because disabling required approvals allows organizations to make changes to their profile without your approval.
Custom Messages Write custom messages that are sent to users when they submit a registration request and when they have a registration request approved or denied. Use the tabs to switch between your custom messages.
Notified Admins Determine which users will be notified of incoming registration requests. Only umbrella members with the Manage Orgs permission will appear on this list.
Public Profile Fields Determine which fields from your organization registration form should be visible on each organization's public profile. These fields will appear under the Profile tab on a portal's homepage, as well as the Search Organizations module, which can be added to an umbrella's public website. 


After customizing your organization registration form and settings, the next step is to manage incoming registration requests. Click here for more information about this process.

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