Managing Organization Registration Requests

Incoming registration requests can be found through the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, select your umbrella, hover over Requests, then choose Registration. By default, this list is sorted by submission date and it only includes pending registration requests. Navigate to past requests by choosing that option from the left-hand menu. Every request displays basic information like the name of the org and the person that submitted the request, but you’re also provided the status and how many reviewers have reviewed the request. Click on the name of an organization to view the details of a specific request.


The request itself contains several parts, the most important being the user’s responses to each question which are displayed in the center of the page. As an umbrella administrator, you have the option to edit the user’s responses. This is most often used to make small edits like fixing typos or making a change on behalf of the org. At the top of each request, you’re provided a comment box that allows two-way conversation between umbrella administrators and the submitter. The submitter will receive an email notification with your comment. In the top right, you’re provided the submitter, the organization, and some additional tools like the ability to download the request as a PDF or send it directly to your printer.

Another important feature is the Reviewers tab found at the top of the page. This is where you’ll find all reviewer-related information like who was included and if they’ve made a decision on the request.

For existing reviewers that are still listed as pending, you should see the option to re-send the review request. This is your method of re-sending the email notification that prompts the user to provide a decision on the request. Below the user-submitted reviewers are the administrative reviewers. This is where you can add new reviewers that need to approve or deny the request before an umbrella admin makes a final decision.

When you’re ready to make a final decision on the request, locate the Take Action dropdown on the right side of the page. The options you see here depend on if this request is for a new organization or if it’s from an existing organization. If it’s a new organization, you’re provided the following decision options.

Decision Result
Approve If you approve the request for a new organization, it will create the organization’s new portal. If you approve the request for an existing organization, their “last renewal date” will change to the day you approved it. This date determines if the organization’s profile is current or expired.
Deny If you deny the request, the user will be notified and no changes will be made. Users cannot edit denied registration requests.
Defer If you defer the request, the user will not be notified and no changes will be made. This is an option intended for umbrella administrators that want to mark a request as viewed but they are not yet ready to make a decision.
Re-open If you re-open the request, it will send the request back to the submitter and allow them to make changes. Note: this will also remove the request from your registration request list.


If the registration request comes from an existing organization, all of the above options work the same but you are not provided the re-open option. It works this way because portal admins have the ability to re-open their own requests from the Settings page within their portal. See the screenshot below for an example of what this looks like.

If you want to notify an organization that they need to make changes, do not deny the request. Rather, use the comment box at the top of the request to tell them what needs to be changed. Next, you can defer the request to mark that there isn’t any action that need to be taken on your end.


There are several ways to export data from registration requests. If you want to export a single request, click on the name of the organization in your request list and locate the export option on the right side of the page.

If you want to export all of the requests at once, choose the Reports tab along the umbrella toolbar. Next, locate the Registration Requests export. This report includes all registration requests, not just the most current ones. This allows you to view past registration requests for each organization. In many cases, the Organization Profiles report is a better option because it provides the most up-to-date profile for each organization in your umbrella.

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