Customize the Community Home

The Community Home is a launchpad for all users within your online campus community. It’s important to make this page appealing and relevant so users will come back time and time again. To begin, select the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, choose the community option, then select Settings along the white toolbar. The settings for the Community Home are divided into different sections that are described in detail below.

Section Description
Profile Photo Upload a profile picture for the Community Home. This picture also displays on your community’s login page.
Bookmarks Add links that are commonly used by the users in your community. You have the option to customize links based on classification.
Events Events are added to the community calendar in two different ways. One method is if an event is approved to be on the community calendar through the event request process. The other method is to add its host portal to this list. This will display all of the portal's events on the community calendar and also add it as a filter. You have the option to customize contributing portals based on classification.
Feed The feed displays content from two different sources. One source is your memberships, which will differ from user to user. The other source is from portals you define on this page. Any portal you add to this list will automatically contribute content to the feed if it’s marked as public or community wide. You have the option to customize contributing portals based on classification.
Featured Portals Add quick links to important portals on the Community Home. You have the option to customize featured portals based on classification.


Bookmarks, events, the feed, and featured portals can be customized based on classification. Classifications are tags on users that allow you to distinguish between various types of people on campus, such as students, alumni, faculty, staff, and more. You can target classifications with content from specific portals, making the Community Home more relevant for those users. Click here to learn more about classifications and the setup process.

Click here to learn more about the best practices for designing your Community Home.

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