Customize Your Community's User Profile

OrgSync asks all users to complete their basic profile after they create an account. The basic profile consists of the user's first name, last name, middle initial, last name, email address, mobile number, address, birthday, and an "about me" section. Only the first name, last name, and email address fields are required. Everything else is optional.

As a community administrator, you're provided the option to ask users an additional set of questions. This is what we call the custom user profile. As soon as users complete their basic profile, they'll be prompted to complete their custom profile. 

Access the custom user profile through the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, select the community option, click Users, then click the Customize User Profile option in the bottom left of the page.

If you do not see any form questions, click to enable custom profile options. This will display a simplified version of the form builder found in the Forms tool. There is only one page and the option to add questions and text blocks will appear at the bottom of the page. As you design this form, remember to mark all important questions as required.

Note: if you create a required element or switch an existing element to required, all existing users will be prompted to update their profile information the next time they log in.

Click here for any questions about building the form.

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