Umbrella & Community User Lists

The easiest way to track down a user is through the user list available at the umbrella and community level. The difference between the two is that the umbrella only includes users that are members of a portal under the umbrella (and the umbrella portal itself) while the community includes every user registered in your community. If your community only has one umbrella, these lists will largely include the same set of users but your community list may include a few additional users that do not have any memberships. You can get to these lists if you select the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, choose your umbrella or the community, then select the Users option.

The easiest way to find a user is with the search tool. You can use the filter at the top of the page to see users under a specific classification or you can sort the list by first name, last name, join date, or login date. Click the arrows to the left of a user's profile picture to view a dropdown that includes various tools and more information about the user. Continue reading for an explanation of the tabs available in this dropdown.

Section Description
Profile This section provides you the user's basic profile information. Below the basic profile is a link that allows you to access the user's custom profile. Community administrators can make changes to the user's custom profile if they are on the community user list. Community administrators can also manage the user's classifications. Lastly, you can remove the user from your umbrella or community (depending on which list you're viewing) by choosing Delete User Permanently in the bottom right.  
Memberships The user's memberships to portals that you can manage.
Message Send a direct message to the user.
Notes Leave notes about the user that are only visible to other umbrella and community administrators. These notes are not visible to the user.
Export Download the user's profile, time sheets, full involvement record, or co-curricular transcript in the format you desire.

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