Create Portals as an Umbrella Administrator

As an umbrella administrator, you have the ability to create portals without going through the registration process. Start by selecting the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, choose your umbrella, select Organizations, then click the green Create Organization option on the left side of the page.

Portal creation requires you enter a full name, short name, and category. You can also enter the email address of a user you'd like to add as an administrator. They must have an OrgSync account for this to work. Use the check boxes at the bottom of the page to copy information from the umbrella's template portal. Click the Create option at the bottom of the page and your portal will be added to the umbrella's list of organizations.

The portal creation page only allows you to complete very basic profile information. If you want to complete other parts of the organization's profile, go to the list of organizations, locate the organization, click on the profile picture, then choose View/Edit Full Profile. You can customize any part of the organization's profile from this page.


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