Community Feed Overview

The community feed is unique to each user because it aggregates content from featured portals, but it also pulls in content from your memberships. This makes the feed a one-stop location for updates in your community and the organizations you're a part of. Any public or community wide news posts, polls, photos, videos, or discussions created in these portals will display in the feed.

The first community feed source, featured portals, can be customized by community administrators. If you are a community administrator, select the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, choose your community, select the Settings tab, then select Feed from the menu on the left side of the page.2014-07-22_0747.png

This is where you can add portals that will contribute to the feed for all, or some, users. After you add a portal, you can determine if you only want it visible for certain classifications. Click the pencil icon then choose Selected Classifications to customize this setting. Click here to learn more about classifications and how you can leverage them in your community.

The second feed source is your memberships. Content created in the portals you join will also appear on the community feed. 


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