Disable a Portal

Disabling a portal prevents the members of the portal from managing their organization or accessing organization content. The benefit of disabling a portal, versus removing it entirely, is that you won't lose portal data. Disabled portals still appear in administrative reports and no content is lost when you re-enable portals.

To begin, select the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen and choose the umbrella containing the portal that you'd like to disable. You can also choose the community option if you are a community administrator. Next, go to the Organizations tab, locate the organization, click on the organization's profile picture, then select the Disable tab.

Enter a reason for disabling the portal then click the green button to confirm the change. This will prevent all portal members from accessing the portal. If any portal administrators try to access the portal, they will be provided your reason for disabling and a text box that allows them to respond. The message they send will go to all umbrella administrators. At any point, the portal can be re-enabled from the Disable tab on the Organizations list.

On the Organizations list, disabled portals are clearly marked. The time when the portal was disabled and the note left with this change will be logged under the Notes section. 

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