Room Reservation Integration FAQ

The following article details frequently asked questions regarding OrgSync's integration with your campus's room reservation system. For any additional questions, please contact your Campus Consultant or our support team

Basic Details

Creating Reservations

For Administrators

Basic Details

What is a room reservation integration?

From one-time reservations to repeating events, the room reservation integration enables you to create a one-stop shop for your event request process allowing your students to search for availability of rooms and reserve them during event creation in OrgSync. This communicates with an existing room reservation system on your campus. For more information and a basic overview, view this article.

Do I need an existing room reservation system to purchase the room reservation integration?

Yes, OrgSync does not have any internal room scheduling capabilities, thus you would need either an existing 25Live or Ad Astra system to use the OrgSync room reservation integration.

What room reservation systems does OrgSync integrate with?

OrgSync integrates with both 25Live (also known as Series25 or R25) and Ad Astra. These systems can either be hosted on campus or through the cloud. Please contact your Campus Consultant for more information about the process of purchasing the room reservation integration.

Creating Reservations

What kind of information is made available during the room selection process in OrgSync?

We collect and display several pieces of information about each of the available spaces in the remote system including:

  • Room Capacity (Max 50 people)
  • Room Features (Projector or Whiteboard)
  • Room Layouts (Lecture Style vs U Style)
  • Room Images

What are lead times and does OrgSync's integration support them?

Lead times are restrictions set in 25Live or Ad Astra to only allow reservations to be submitted that are a certain number of days out from the intended start of the event. For example, a campus can configure the remote system to only allow students to submit requests that are at least 5 days prior to the event. Events that are planned to occur before that window will not be able to be submitted. OrgSync currently does not support lead time requirements from the remote system.

Can I reserve a room for a recurring event?

Yes, you can reserve a room for recurring events.

How do categories work?

Both OrgSync and the room reservation system utilize a unique set of event categories. When a user creates a new event they will be prompted to select a category from the options made available in that portal. If they choose to request a room, they will be prompted to enter an additional category, populated by the options made available in the remote system. This setup is convenient because it does not require you to map event categories between the two systems.

What are resources and tasks? Does OrgSync support them?

Resources are different items able to be reserved within a space—for example, these include projectors, tables, chairs, etc. Tasks are notifications that can be triggered based on form responses within the event request. For example, these can include notifying campus safety if alcohol will be present at your event. At this time, OrgSync does not support requesting resources within a room request or creating tasks based on the event request form responses.

For Administrators

What kind of extra info is made available to the room reservation system admin?

The room reservation system admins receives several pieces of information with each event request.

  • Event Creator Name
  • Event Creator Email
  • Event ID
  • Event Request ID
  • Event Description
  • Event Form (if required)

What happens when a room reservation system admin confirms or cancels a reservation?

OrgSync will sync over the change shortly thereafter and send a notification to the event creator indicating the reservation state change.

What happens when a room reservation system admin changes the spaces assigned to a reservation either by adding/removing one or several of them?

OrgSync will sync over those changes shortly thereafter and send the event creator a notification of the specific room changes.

What happens when I add a new space/event type/organization to my room reservation system?

OrgSync pulls supporting data from the remote system several times a day. As you add new spaces into the remote system, they will not be instantly available in the OrgSync app. Rather, they will be available once the next syncing process completes.

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