Google Analytics - Behavior Flow

*This article breaks down some of the tools available to you through the Google Analytics platform. Before you can utilize these tools, you must integrate Analytics with your OrgSync community. Click here for instructions on how to do so. 

Behavior Flow is an interactive graphic that helps you understand user behavior relative to the content in your community. To navigate to this page, select your community from the Google Analytics dashboard. Next, choose the Behavior option from the left-hand toolbar and select Behavior Flow.2014-01-21_1706.pngThe Behavior Flow graphic lets you trace the routes users take from their landing page. Larger segments indicate more visits to the page. Hover over a segment to view more information about the visitors and drop-offs from that page. To the right of each segment, you can observe where users travel after visiting it. The red bar indicates the percentage of users that drop-off (visit the page then leave). If you see a large drop-off percentage on a particular page, look to add more interesting and engaging content.   

To focus on a particular page, select it from the graphic and choose Highlight Traffic Through Here from the dropdown. This will make it easier to identify paths from the selected page. Utilize the scale on the left side of the page to zoom in or out. 2014-01-21_1703.pngClick here for more information about the Behavior Flow graphic.

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