Google Analytics - Audience Reports

*This article breaks down some of the tools available to you through the Google Analytics platform. Before you can utilize these tools, you must integrate Analytics with your OrgSync community. Click here for instructions on how to do so.

Google Analytics Audience reports provide an in-depth look at your community’s traffic and the behavior of users after they arrive. To navigate to these reports, select your community from within the Google Analytics dashboard and select Audience from the left-hand toolbar. This will generate a dropdown that includes several additional pages, many of which are explained below. This article does not cover all of the pages made available to you in the Audience category. It only covers a portion of the pages that provide valuable data for creating a better community. For complete and definitive help with the Google Analytics platform, visit their help page.

Audience Overview

The Audience Overview provides you a holistic view of traffic in your community within defined date parameters. The data available to you in the overview is drilled down further in various sub-sections.  2014-01-21_1629.pngThe key element on this page is a graph that displays visits per day. You can modify this graph to display different metrics like average visit duration or bounce rate. You can also change the unit of time to display hourly, weekly, or monthly.

Supplemental to the graph, you are provided a table of raw statistics. See the list below to learn exactly what each of these statistics mean.

Statistic Purpose
Visits Total number of visits to your community.
Unique Visitors Number of unique visitors to your community. This statistic is based on IP address. If two students visit your community on the same computer one after another, Google Analytics will treat this as one unique visitor because the IP address is the same. Take this into consideration when viewing this statistic.
Page views Total number of page visits within your community.
Pages / Visit Average number of pages visited during a user’s session.
Avg. Visit Duration Average length of time a user spends in your community before leaving.
Bounce Rate Percentage of single-page visits. This occurs when a user leaves your community from the entrance page without interacting with anything. 
% New Visits Percentage of first time visits based on total number of visits.


Behavior – New vs Returning

This report provides an estimate number of new users versus those that have already visited the site. This is a great tool if you want to measure the effectiveness of marketing efforts on campus. Utilize the date selector in the top right of the page to pull data for a specified time period.2014-01-21_1630.png

Behavior – Frequency vs Recency

This report details how frequently users visit your community and how many days go by before they return within a defined time period. This data is based on unique users. Switch between the Count of Visits & Days Since Last Visit tabs to view these separate sets of data. This report is a good indicator of user interest in your community. 2014-01-21_1633.png

Behavior – Engagement

This report details the amount of time users spend in your community, as well as the number of pages clicked on each visit. Switch between the Visit Duration and Page Depth tabs to view these separate sets of data. This report is also a good indicator of user interest and it should be used to analyze the effectiveness of your community home. If your average duration and page depth statistics are low, seek to add more engaging content to your homepage.2014-01-21_1634.png

Mobile – Overview

This report details the type of devices most commonly used to view your community. It provides a table of statistics that break down each device’s contributions to overall visits and behavior. Use this data to determine the type of content you should be providing users on your community home. As an example, if a significant number of users are accessing your community from a mobile device, shy away from dense, text-heavy content. Move towards short snippets that are easily digestible on a mobile device. 2014-01-21_1635.png

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