LDAP Authentication Integration Requirements

In order to successfully integrate and authenticate with your LDAP system, our development team will need the following information from your IT department.

  1. Host / IP Address
  2. Port #
  3. Bind DN / OrgSync username to log in
  4. Bind Password / OrgSync password to log in
  5. Base DN (for searching)
  6. SSL enabled? (yes/no)
  7. First name field - typically 'givenname' or 'gn'
  8. Last name field - typically 'sn'
  9. Email field - typically 'mail'
  10. UID field - typically 'uid' or 'cn'
  11. Test Account Credentials

You will also need to allow access to the following servers.

  • OrgSync Utility Server:
  • OrgSync FrontEnd Server:

Once we receive the information above, we should have your community secured with LDAP system within one to two weeks. If you have any questions, require any assistance, or need to whitelist our servers for any reason, please contact J.D. Turner, our Director of Technical Support. 

J.D. Turner
Director of Technical Support
972-907-0900 x212 office

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