API Overview (Application Programming Interface)

OrgSync's API provides IT departments a secure way to access data from OrgSync and pull it into other databases across your organization. The API ensures the seamless integration between OrgSync and existing information systems and data warehouses.

The API also gives each campus the flexibility and creativity to create new automated processes to leverage all the institutional involvement and assessment data collected within OrgSync. By bringing all of the data in-house, you can compare data collected in OrgSync with other data on your information systems for assessment purposes.

OrgSync works collaboratively with information technology (IT) staff to develop an API that works best for your situation and organizational needs. Data pulled by OrgSync’s API includes, but is not limited to the following items. See our API documentation for a full description of its capabilities.

  • Users
  • Treasury items
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Forms
  • Organizations
  • Card Swipe
  • Involvement
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