Room Reservation Integration Overview (Series25 or Ad Astra)

OrgSync’s event management system can integrate seamlessly with your existing Series25 or Ad Astra room reservation system, allowing you to reserve rooms during the event creation process, directly through OrgSync. Reserving a room is an optional step, so students can still manually enter a location for off-campus events.

How It Works


  1. A user can create an event and choose an available room.
  2. OrgSync automatically sends the request to your campus reservation system.
  3. Room Reservation system administrator approves or denies the request.
  4. OrgSync will automatically update with the changes and notify the event creator.



  • OrgSync can connect to one or more room reservation systems hosted on or off campus.
  • Users will be able to find rooms available for their specific date and time when creating an event, and search those rooms by name and capacity.
  • Reservation requests are delivered to the room reservation system so that current system administrators don't have to learn a new system.
  • Users will receive an OrgSync notification when their reservation is approved or denied.
  • If an Event Request form is required, all answers are also sent to the room reservation system in the request.

Room Reservation Overview

Before diving into the details of room reservations, it's important to identify how your system fits in to the existing event creation process. The truth is that there is little change. For organizations with room reservations enabled, there is an additional element designed to handle requesting rooms and creating reservations. This element acts independently of event requests and does not impact the event's approval or denial within the OrgSync platform. Events can be decided regardless of its room reservation status. Room reservations can only be decided within the reservation platform by a system administrator.

Room Reservation Setup

To enable a room reservation integration in your community, you must request this be turned on by your Campus Consultant. Once enabled, you can access room reservation settings by going to the Admin dropdown in the top right of your screen, select the community option, then choose Settings. Then, select the Room Reservations tab. This tab does not appear in communities with room reservation disabled. 

To begin linking organizations within OrgSync to organizations on your room reservation system, click on the tab labeled Organization Mappings. To enable the room reservation feature for a given org, you must identify how that organization is identified in the remote system. To do this, choose an org from the left dropdown, labeled OrgSync Organizations, and match it using the right dropdown, labeled Remote Organizations. Finish this process by clicking Add, which will move the association to the list below. If there is an incorrect association, simply remove it using the delete option on the right side of the page. For any organizations not included on this list, they will not have the option to use the room reservation feature when creating an event. 

After you've mapped an organization and they submit an event request, their room reservation will be displayed alongside other event details. As mentioned previously, the status of the room reservation can only determined within the room reservation platform. After a decision is made on that end, the change will be reflected within the OrgSync platform. 

Making Room Reservations

The event creation process is largely the same for organizations with the room reservation ability. After clicking Create an Event, everything looks similar with the exception of three new elements: Setup Time, Teardown Time, and Choose a Room. In instances where you don't need to reserve a room, you can manually enter a location or bypass these elements completely. In this case, there is no difference at all in the event request process.

For those that wish to reserve a room, Setup Time and Teardown Time allow you to determine how much time before and after the event you'll need for preparation and clean up. Make sure to enter the number of minutes you require and not the actual time you plan on showing up. The amount of time you enter will be appended to your event's start and end time when searching for a room. As such, your available options will vary based on the amount of Setup and Teardown time requested. Keep in mind that these are optional elements.

After setting the event time, you can browse available rooms by clicking Choose a Room. This button will initiate a room search for your selected timeframe on the remote system. Once complete, you'll be provided a list of all the available rooms. If you already know what room you'd like to request, you can search for its space or building name. 

The room selection interface also provides several filter options:

  • Minimum Capacity: customizes your search to only include rooms that meet your capacity needs.
  • Must be available: restricts the displayed list to only available rooms.
  • Includes image: shows only rooms that have a photo of the room.
  • Features: customizes your search to only include rooms that have your desired features (i.e. DVD player, whiteboard, wheelchair access). 
  • Layout: customizes your search to only include rooms with your desired layout (i.e. lecture hall, seminar room).

After you choose a room on the list, its details will populate on the right side of the interface. This may include room details, reservation policy, features, and possible layouts. If you're ready to make a selection, click on a room and locate the Request Reservation button. This will close the popup and prompt you to enter a Reservation Category. This list is populated through the remote system and your answer will be visible to the room reservation system administrators. To complete the event creation process, click Next at the bottom of the page.

As mentioned previously, event requests and room reservations work independently of one another. Your event request may be approved before your room reservation, and vice versa. You will also receive separate notifications when your room request is approved, denied, or changed. You can always check the status of an event request if you click on your name in the top right of the screen, select Activity, then select Event Requests on the left side of the page.

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