Renew Your Organization

Often times you'll need to update your organization's profile due to officer transition, a new meeting time, or other organizational changes. There are other times when you'll need to renew your organization's membership. In both cases, you can make these changes if navigate to your organization, select Settings in the top right of the portal, then select Organization Settings. If you do not see this option then you are not listed as an admin of the portal. In this case, you'll need to request administrator access.

Organization Settings defaults to the Profile tab, where you'll find the current org profile and the option to update the profile. Choose this option to begin a new registration request. Complete the entirety of this form and click Finish. This will send a registration request to your campus admins. When they approve your request, you will be notified and your changes will go live. 

2014-07-18_1530.pngAt any point after you start editing your organization’s profile, you can opt to save and finish later. If you choose this option, you will be provided the ability to resume or cancel the submission via the Profile tab. Additionally, if you submit the registration request you can re-open the submission to make changes. Keep in mind, this will remove the request from your umbrella admin's request list and they will not be able to approve it until you resubmit the request. 

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