Customize your Organization's Settings

The settings in each portal can be found if you hover over Settings in the top right of the portal then choose Organization Settings from the dropdown. If you do not see this option then you are not a member of the admin group. In this case, you'll need to request admin access from an existing admin or one of your campus admins. The settings for your organization are broken into several tabs. Continue reading to learn more about each tab and how you can use these settings to customize your portal.


The Profile tab houses all organization profile information. Your last approved profile is displayed on this page and you should see an Update option at the top of the page. Updating the profile allows you to make minor edits to officer information, change the organization profile picture, and renew your organization's membership. Make sure to complete the form in full and click Finish to send the registration request to your campus admins. When they approve the request, you will be notified and your changes will go live. Click here for more information about the Profile tab. 2014-07-18_1624.png

Cover Photo

This tab allows you to upload an image to display along the top banner of every page in your portal. The image must be in jpg, png or gif format and the recommended size is 2000 pixels wide by 320 pixels tall. Pro-tip: your cover photo is responsive, meaning it will display at different sizes, with different portions cropped out, based on the user's screen size. The size we recommend is meant to accommodate computer screens of all sizes. If you resize your browser window, you'll see your image placement and size change. Select an image that doesn't rely on a specific size or image crop to look good.2014-07-18_1647.png


The Permissions tab allows you to determine how groups interact with tools in your portal. Select a tool from the list to jump to its position down the page. For each tool, you're provided a toggle switch that turns the tool on or off. Under the toggle, set the default permission for anyone that joins your portal. To give certain groups a higher permission level, select Grant Additional Permissions to Specific Groups. Click here for a detailed explanation of portal permissions.2014-07-18_1627.png

Welcome Message

The Welcome Message allows you to customize what's shown on your portal's home under the Profile tab. You're provided a text editor that allows you to customize this message. If you would like your welcome message to appear in place of the feed (which displays new content as it's added in your portal), locate this setting near the top of the page.


Custom Footer

The Custom Footer tab allows you to customize the message that appears at the bottom of every page in your portal. Organizations often use this feature to display their contact information, highlight a particular member, or state their org motto.2014-07-18_1631.png

Social Media Links

Social Media Links allow you to establish hyperlinks to your organization's social media pages. These links display as icons in the top right of your portal. 2014-07-18_1707.png


The Statistics tab provides a graphical breakdown of the users, events, and to-do lists in your portal over time. Hover over data points to see exact numbers. 

Join Options

The Join Options tab allows you to determine how users join your portal. You are provided four options: open sign-up, invite only, request to join, and join with password. Click here for a full explanation of these options.2014-07-18_1629.png

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