Customize Join Options for an Organization

The Join Options tab allows you to determine how users join your portal. You can access these options if you click Settings in the top right of your portal, choose Organization Settings, then select the Join Options tab. If you do not see Organization Settings as an option then you are not listed as an administrator. In this case, you'll need to request admin access. On the bottom half of this page, observe the following join options.

Join Setting Description
Open Sign-Up User can join the portal without any preconditions.
Invite Only User has to receive and accept an email invitation.
Request to Join User can request to join and has the option to include a message. Portal admins will be notified of incoming join requests. These requests can be located in the People tool.
Join with Password User must enter a password to join.


OrgSync also provides the ability to use the latter two options in conjunction, forming what we call Restricted Membership. If you opt to use Restricted Membership, it allows users to input a password and if they don’t know it, they can request to join. OrgSync recommends this method because it makes it easy for members to join while keeping membership selective.

Also provided on this page is the ability to define a default account group. If you select a group from the dropdown, users that join your portal will automatically filter into that group.

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