Establishing Permissions in an Organization

Permissions allow you to determine how groups can interact with the different tools in your portal. To access portal permissions, select the Settings option in the top right of your portal, choose Organization Settings, then select the Permissions tab. If you do not see the Organization Settings option then you are not an admin of the portal. In this case, you'll need to request admin access.

At the top of the Permissions page, you'll find a list of the tools in your portal. Click on a tool or scroll down the page to find the tool you're looking for. Each tool has a small interface that allows you to set group permissions for that specific tool. In the top right of each tool is a toggle switch that allows you to turn the tool on or off. If you do not intend on using a tool, turn it off to avoid clutter along your portal's toolbar. 


If you do plan on using a tool, the first option you see under its name is the Default for All People in this portal. Think of this as the base permission for anyone that joins your portal. We recommend keeping this permission setting low (disable or view only) in order to ensure that new members don't have too much power. 

If you'd like to give certain groups higher permissions, click Grand Additional Permissions to Specific Groups. This will display the groups in your portal (except admins because they automatically have manage access over every tool) with a permission dropdown next to each. This dropdown provides a number of options depending on the tool. Every tool can be set to Default or Manage. Default takes the permission setting you established for all members (discussed in the last paragraph) and Manage gives users administrative access over the module. Other modules have additional permission settings like View Only or Contribute. See the table below for a full explanation of what these permission settings allow users to do within each tool.  

Module View Only Contribute Manage
Admin Requests** -- -- Manage incoming admin requests
Bookmarks View bookmarks -- Create bookmarks
Budgets -- -- Create budget requests and view org funds. Provides access to all budgets when applied at the umbrella level.
Calendar Browse the calendar and access events -- --
Checkbooks* View checkbooks -- Create checkbooks and manage entries
Contact Books View contact books -- Create contact books and manage entries
Discussion View and reply to discussion topics Create new topics and manage the posts Create new forums and manage all topics and posts
Dues (Advanced)* View and pay your personal dues -- View the dues balance for every user and mark dues as paid
Dues (Simple)* -- -- Mark user dues as paid or not paid
Email Lists -- -- Create email lists and send emails
Events View events and RSVP -- Create events and track attendance
Event Requests** -- -- Manage the event request process
Files View and download files Create and manage your own files and folders Create and manage all files and folders
Forms View and fill out forms -- Create forms, manage submissions, and export data
Invoices* View and pay your personal invoices -- Issue new invoices and manage existing ones
Manage Orgs** -- -- Manage orgs, the org registration process, and pull org-related reports
Manage Users** -- -- Manage users and pull user-related reports
Messaging -- -- Message your portal members
News View news posts Create and manage your own news posts Create and manage all news posts
OrgWall View posts to the portal feed Post directly to the portal feed Manage all posts on the portal feed
Pages View pages -- Create pages
Payments -- -- Establish your portal's payment gateway and view payment logs
People Browse members and groups in your portal -- Manage users, invite people, and create groups
Photos and Videos View media content Upload and manage your own media content Upload and manage all media content
Polls View and vote on polls -- Create polls
Requests: Involvement Verification** -- -- Manage incoming involvement entry requests and view pending hours within portals
Requests: Membership Verification** -- -- Manage incoming organizations membership requests
Service Opportunities View service opportunities shared to your portal -- Pull opportunities from the service umbrella into your portal's event list
Store* Browse sales and make purchases -- Create sales and update inventory
Text Messaging* -- -- Text message your portal members
Timesheet View your personal hours and input new participation entries -- View every user's hours, approve timesheet entries, and make edits
To-Do Lists View to-do lists and claim tasks -- Create to-do lists and assign tasks
Website Visit your portal's website -- Create your portal's website

*Denotes the module is only available in organization level portals
**Denotes the module is only available in umbrella level portals

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