Create an Account & Sign In

Creating an account on OrgSync is easy. To begin, visit the login page and search for your campus. The page will look similar to the one below.

Next, locate and select your campus on this list. When you select your community you will see one of two things.

  • OrgSync login page: If you do not see a login page hosted by your campus, follow the instructions to create a new account. You may see a simple form under Get Signed Up that allows you to create a new account. You may also see an option to login with your campus ID in the top right of the page. Generally, we recommend creating an account with your campus credentials if you have them.
  • Campus login page: You may be redirected to your campus's login page. In this case, log in with your campus credentials. After a successful login, you'll be redirected back into OrgSync and it will create a new account for you if you haven't signed up previously. If you have any issues with your username and password, please contact your campus IT help desk because they manage your credentials.

If you accidentally choose the wrong community, click the left arrow in the top left of the page. This will bring you back to the community selector.

For help with your username or password, locate the text that reads Need Help Signing In? in the top right of the page.  

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