Community Home Walkthrough

Community Home is the launchpad for all users within your online campus community. When a user logs in to their OrgSync campus community they first see Community Home. Individuals can learn about campus events and quickly access resources from important departments and organizations.


There are several components that make up the Community Home. Many of these components display content based on a user's memberships and permissions. For this reason, other users may see different content than you. Continue reading for a description of each component.

Feature Description
Browse Organizations Browse Organizations provides you a directory of organizations that are registered in your community. Search for a specific organization or browse through the list. If you would like to register a new club, locate this option in the top right of the Browse Organizations interface. 
News Feed When an individual first logins into OrgSync, the feed will be one of the first pieces of content they see. The news feed makes it easy for people to stay up-to-date on the latest activities occurring across their organizations as well as different areas of campus. The community feed will automatically pull content from any umbrella or organization portal selected by the community administrator. 
Promotions Each community administrator can spotlight upcoming campus events and important news posts at the top of Community Home for every person to see. Promotions allow your campus to highlight important volunteer opportunities, events and news on campus such as student government elections, final exams, service events, and much more.
Offices Add quick links to the most important portals across campus so individuals can quickly access content immediately after logging in. The new offices section will direct users to important umbrellas and organization portals in your community. Examples can include your Student Life Umbrella, Student Government, Residence Life, etc.
Events Community Home has a section specifically for highlighting upcoming events. The community administrator can designate which umbrella(s) and organization portal(s) the upcoming events section will highlight. For example, you can automatically populate events from your Student Life Umbrella and Volunteer Portal in this section for individuals to quickly access each event, learn more and RSVP.
My Courses My Courses offers a way to display all the courses a student is participating in and link them directly to the course from Community Home. My Courses allows campus to leverage single sign-on so students will be directed to the appropriate course in their LMS without having to log in separately. My Courses is managed via the API.


Customize the Community Home

Classifications can be used to customize the community home so the content is more relevant for each user. Community administrators determine which portals populate the Offices, Feed, and other sections of the community home to ensure a customized experience for each user. Classifications may include students, faculty, and staff, or schools within the institution. If you are a community administrator and would like to customize the community home, click here for more information. 

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