Why You Cannot See a Tool In Your Organization's Toolbar

There are several possibilities that would explain why you do not see a tool in your portal. Each of these possibilities, and how to remedy them, are described below.

1. You don't have permission to view the tool

It's possible your account doesn't have access to the tool. In this case, you'll need to request a promotion from an existing admin of the portal or from an overall admin that works on campus. If you need to find the existing admins of your portal, select the People tool, click All People in the top left, then choose the Administrators group. If the admin needs help adding you, direct them to this article

2. The tool is disabled in your portal

The next possibility is the tool is disabled in your portal. In this case, a portal admin must turn it on in the portal's Permissions. Click here to read more about portal permissions

3. The tool is disabled in your community

The last possibility is that the tool is disabled for your entire community, making it unavailable for use. If this seems to be the case, contact your school directly. Only they have the ability to enable tools at the community level. See below for a list of tools that can be enabled and disabled at the community level.

  • Dues (Simple)
  • Dues (Advanced)
  • Job Board
  • Text Messaging
  • Store
  • Checkbooks
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Email Lists
  • Open Organization Membership
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